Saving the mulberry tree

I was called in by a concerned tree owner because his mulberry tree had partially collapsed.
His main concern was obviously that the tree could no longer be retained.
As the tree was a major landscape feature in his garden he really needed to know whether tree retention was a possibility.
The tree divides into three main stems at about 1m. The point at which the stems divide was weak and had resulted in an entire stem collapsing to the ground.
The stem was not completely detached from the rest of the tree and therefore in my opinion it was feasible that the stem could be retained as long as the remainder of the tree was made safe.

I proposed removing the majority of the crown from that stem and winching the lighter stem back into place.
It could then be temporarily held in place using a ratchet strap and some wooden props.
At this stage the remainder of the crown could then be reduced to further lessen the loading at the structural weak point.

Three bespoke iron props were then built and installed by a skilled ironmonger. Great care was taken not to damage any of the roots.
With the props installed, the ratchet strap was removed allowing the stems to settle into their new support system.

With monitoring and careful future maintenance of the tree I hope it will now remain standing for many more years to come.






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