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Cherry Picker Services

Due to the increasing amount of dead / dying / dangerous trees that need felling (mainly due to ash die back) the company has decided to invest  in a new, 60 foot tall, narrow-access, tracked cherry picker.

The CMC S18F is a very useful addition to our set up and was purchased from a local company. It is an industry leading machine, I won't bore you with specifications but happy to discuss if you'd like more info. 

When fully stowed, due to its narrowing caterpillar tracks, it can get through a standard 79cm gate for access into rear gardens  also.

It makes operations considerably safer /easier for my staff which I consider to be of upmost importance.

The cherry picker can be used for numerous other operations such as the pictures below - showing the removal of a large storm damaged oak limb

over some stables. One limb had already failed and damaged the building.

We were able to safely remove the second damaged limb without any further damage.

This operation would have been extremely difficult and unnecessarily dangerous for even the most experienced arborist.

After being in this industry for over 23 years now, although a sizeable investment, I believe these machines are going to become invaluable to the industry in the future.

I am happy for it be used for other businesses other than arboriculture, but my plant insurance currently only permits me to hire it out with me as the operator.

This obviously would make it more expensive than self-hire but saves the bother of picking up, dropping off and paying additional fee for plant insurance.

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